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Maybe you don't need a routine service? 

That's fine we can simply fix what's wrong!


There is no job too big or too small!  We can simply fix your puncture or just diagnose what that annoying clicking is!  Upon seeing the bike we should be able to give you a quote but if not we'll take a closer look and let you know before we go ahead.  

When it comes to suspension forks, rear shocks and e-bike motors & batteries, we can do most servicing and maintenance in house, but some times they my need to be sent off to the manufacture for repairs, but they usually turn them around within 4-5 working days (depending on the issue). 

The most common repairs: 

Gear service                                     £20

Brake service                                   £20

Brake Bleed                                      £25

Punture repair                                  £15

Tubeless sealant replacement       £18 per wheel (including sealant) 

True (straighten) wheels                 £25 (plus any spokes needed)

Rear mech hanger replacement    £20 (not including hanger)

Bar tape fitting                                 £15 (not including tape)

All our work is covered by our guarantee, please click here for more info. 


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