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Here at The Bike Side we have four levels of servicing, if you're not too sure what level your bike needs don't worry, as soon as we see the bike we can give you an acurate quote and if we find anything unexpected we always contact you and make sure you're aware of any extra costs or issues throughout the process. 

The Tune Up £45 (Inc VAT. Excluding parts) 

The tune up/check over makes sure your bike is running as smooth and as safely as possible with the brakes and gears adjusted and tyre pressure/condition checked. Then a complete bolt safety check and lubrication (where needed) before a test ride. Ideal for the occasional user on entry point bikes.  

The General Service £85 (Inc VAT. Excluding parts) 

Additional charges that could apply:

Internal routing charge £25

Bosch E-Bike software update/diagnosis £15

The General service is more suited to the regular rider with a mid or high end bike. Recommended at least once a year, we spend around two hours on the bike, the drive chain is removed and de-greased in our eco friendly parts washer, the bike is wiped down and inspected for damage or wear. The hubs, bottom bracket and headset are all inspected for play and adjusted accordingly. The seat post is removed, cleaned and greased.  The brakes and gears are all set up and indexed correctly and any worn parts will be replaced with your consent.  The bike is then lubricated and test ridden. 

The Full Service  £150 (Inc VAT. Excluding parts) 

Additional charges that could apply:

Internal routing charge £25

Bosch E-Bike software update/diagnosis £15

While our General service keeps your bike in tip top condition, occasionally it will need the next level of care, especiallyif it's not been serviced in a while.  The Full service is everything the General offers plus the hubs, bottom bracket and headset are all serviced individually replacing any worn bearings or parts required (with your consent). The wheels are checked for trueness and tension and the tubeless sealant inspected and topped up as necessary. This service takes around 5 hours.

Full Suspension Frame Service £60 (Inc VAT. Excluding parts)    

Additional charges that could apply:

Internal routing charge £25

Bosch E-Bike software update/diagnosis £15

For the Full Suspension bikes this extra work is essential every 18months – 2years. A complete strip down of all moving frame parts, replacing any seized or worn pivot bearings/bushes with specialist tools. Before being re assembled with freshly greased joints and thread lock (in line with the manufactures torque settings).

Suspension Servicing 


Click here for details of servicing on ROCK SHOX, Fox and Marzocchi suspension units.

E-Bikes add ons   £15.00


In addition to our General service as a Bosch service centre we can diagnose and carry out firmware updates on all Bosch systems.  

New Bike Build & PDI £45.00 

Buying a new bicycle online is becoming more and more popular these days, we all have budgets to keep to after all! But beware!!  Bikes that are not assembled by a qualified cycle mechanic will NOT carry the full manufacturers warranty. 


We offer a full build and PDI service of bikes supplied (part assembled) in a box that will make sure you get the most from your new bike and make sure you can benefit from the cover of warranties. 

Extras or odd bits 


Wheel Build                                       £90 

Wheel Rebuild                                   £90

Wheel Re-Rim                                   £60 

Puncture repair                                £10 (plus inner tube)

True (straighten) wheel                   £25 (plus any spokes needed)

Standard Labour rate  per hour     £60

Headset, hubs, bottom brackets servicing and things like brake bleeding is charged according to time (aprox 15mins per item depending on thier complexity) with a minimum charge of £25.  


Whatever service we carry out, we apply our customer focused passion and no bike is overlooked!  You will also get a full hand over of what work we have carried out, what we recommend for the future and the very best way to look after your bike to get the most out of it. 

All our work is covered by our guarantee, please click here for more info. 

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